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Learn about the power of love and kindness.

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Why The Name Pearl?

Founder, Dr. Rita Gaither explains....

        The birth of the Pearl is truly a miraculous event.  Pearls are grown by live oysters far below the surface of the sea.  A Pearl begins its life as a foreign object, such as a parasite or piece of a shell that accidentally lodges itself in a soft inner body where it cannot be expelled.  To ease the  irritation, the oyster's body takes defensive action.  The oyster begins to secrete a smooth, hard crystalline substance around the irritation in order to protect itself.  

      Over time, the irritation will be completely encased by a silky crystalline coating.  As result, ultimately becoming a lovely lustrous gem called a pearl.  The pearl is  one of the highest prized and sought after jewels, whose value is associated with wealth and status. In past times, only the elite were adorned with these  magnificent treasures.

      Pearl Ministries is here to assist those who recognize the importance of fulfilling God's purpose and understand the importance of pursing the "Pearl of Great Price."


PEARL'S goal is to assist young parents within the Rochester metropolitan area with childcare, educational, mental health, and medical support...


PEARL leadership home for young men provides displaced young men with a stable and nurturing environment in which to flourish...

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PEARL tutoring service  provides academic support in all core content areas with an emphasis on basic skill sets...

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